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Dr Simon Coffey

Service Focus

Dr Simon Coffey is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in hip and knee surgery. Dr Coffey uses the latest techniques to ensure his patients receive high quality, personalised care.

“I am motivated by the ability to transform peoples lives, from one of pain, dependence and immobility to one of comfort and independence.

Operations such as Hip replacement, knee replacement, arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction can transform people’s lives. Whether your goal is to get back on the sporting field or simply to run around with the kids, our aim is to get you there.

It’s a great feeling and a privilege to watch the progression in my patient’s recovery, from pain, through surgery and rehab, back to their desired level of function. We are fortunate to have the benefits of modern technology that can deliver decades of functional recovery for many patients, young or old.”

Clinical Focus

Dr Coffey has special interest in

  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  • Knee Ligament Reconstruction
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Patellofemoral Stabilisation Surgery
  • Revision Hip Replacement
  • Revision Knee Replacement
  • Computer Assisted Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Robotically assisted Knee Replacement


  • Undergraduate
    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
    • University of New South Wales
    • Honours Class 2
  • Post Graduate
    • Fellow Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
    • Fellow Australian Orthopaedic Association
    • Clinical Senior Lecturer University of Sydney
    • Clinical Lecturer Australian School of Advanced Medicine


  • Australian Medical Association
  • Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Arthroplasty Society of Australia
  • Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society (Scientific Committee)
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (Court of Examiners)

Committees – Past and present

  • 1999- 2002 Secretary Nepean Hospital Orthopaedic Dept
  • 2002-2009 Chair Nepean Hospital Orthopaedic Dept
  • 2002-2024 Chair Nepean Private Hospital Orthopaedic Dept
  • 2002-2024 Medical Advisory committee Nepean Private Hospital
  • 2007-2009 Secretary NSW branch Australian Orthopaedic Association
  • 2009-2011 Chair NSW branch Australian Orthopaedic Association
  • 2009-2011 Chair Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons, NSW Branch
  • 2019-2024 National Chair Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Current Hospital Appointments

Macquarie University Hospital

3 Technology Place
Macquarie University
NSW 2109


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Nepean Private Hospital

1-9 Barber Ave
Kingswood, NSW, 2747


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Nepean Hospital

c/- Nepean Hospital
Derby Street
Penrith NSW 2750


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Medical Education and Research

I have been widely involved in undergraduate, post graduate and post fellowship orthopaedic education for many years.

I have lectured and presented at local, national and international meetings in the area of primary and revision hip and knee replacement.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel widely and operate in various parts of Asia, demonstrating surgical techniques as part of a broad interest in developing orthopaedic knowledge around the world.

Through my membership of the Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society (APAS) I have developed strong professional ties with surgeons from India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as the UK and USA.

Implant Development

I have had direct involvement in the following projects

Paragon Hip Stem: Global Orthopaedics; 2009-present

Global Acteabular Cup: Global Orthopaedics; 2012-present

Knee and Hip Instrument design: Global Orthopaedics

Knee instrument design: Amplitude

Peer Reviewed Publications

Two-year migration characteristics of a novel cementless femoral stem: a radio stereometric analysis and clinical outcomes study. ANZ J Surg. 2021 Feb 1. doi: 10.1111/ans.16616.Coffey SP, Sorial RM, Sharma R, Field JR.

Functional Outcomes of revision total knee arthroplasty following failed unicompartmental arthroplasty. C Ironsides, S Coffey, R Sorial, G Eslick. Reconstructive Review, Vol 4, No 4, 2014 pp22-26

Combination intravenous and intraarticular tranexamic acid compared with intravenous only administration and no therapy in total knee arthroplasty. A case series study. C Buntting, R Sorial, S Coffey, G Eslick. Reconstructive Review, Vol 6, No 2, 2016 pp

Total knee arthroplasty after patellectomy: A meta-analysis of case-control studies. Asadollahi S, Sorial R, Coffey S, Gupta M, Eslick GD. Knee. 2017;24(2):191-6.

A Multicentre Prospective Minimum 2 Year Follow-up Clinical Outcomes Study. Pandey, R., Coffey, S., & Sorial, R. (2021). A New Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty.. Reconstructive Review, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.15438/rr.11.1.251 

Restricted kinematic alignment achieves similar relative lateral laxity and greater joint line obliquity compared to gap balancing TKAOrsi, A.D., Wakelin, E.A., Plaskos, C., Petterwood, J., Coffey, S.. Restricted kinematic alignment achieves similar relative lateral laxity and greater joint line obliquity compared to gap balancing TKA. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00167-022-06863-1 

Restricted Inverse Kinematic Alignment Better Restores the Native Joint Line Orientation While Achieving Similar Balance, Laxity, and Arithmetic Hip-Knee-Ankle Angle to Gap Balancing Total Knee ArthroplastyOrsi AD, Wakelin E, Plaskos C, McMahon S, Coffey S. . Arthroplast Today. 2023 Jan 16;19:101090. doi: 10.1016/j.artd.2022.101090. PMID: 36688096; PMCID: PMC9851873. 

Imageless robotic total knee arthroplasty determines similar coronal plane alignment of the knee (CPAK) parameters to long leg radiographsEdelstein, A.I., Orsi, A.D., Plaskos, C., Coffey, S., Suleiman, L.I., . Arthroplasty 6, 14 (2024). https://doi.org/10.1186/s42836-024-00231-9